Techmosphere .03 LP

A1: Mav – Northern Light (Silence Groove Remix)
A2: Silence Groove – Patterns
A3: Bungle – None Of Them
B1: Actraiser – Starsigns (Random Movement Remix)
B2: Naibu – Clouds (Electrosoul System Remix)
B3: Dj Trax – Just Breath

25 tracks on one album isn’t your average LP. It took a while to make, but finally it’s here: Techmosphere .03 LP, the 3rd edition of the dancefloor oriented atmospheric drum&bass series on Scientific Records. The 6-track vinyl sampler includes 3 brilliant solo tunes by the likes of Silence Groove, Bungle an DJ Trax, as well as 3 remixes – Random Movement’s remix of Actraiser’s “Starsigns”, Electrosoul System’s remix of Naibu’s “Clouds” and Silence Groove’s remix of Mav’s “Northern Light”.

The digital release of the album features 19 (!) other tracks, bringing the total of tracks to 25. These include styles all across the board, from more ethereal, spacey sounds from the likes of Radicall, Seathasky, Sektor, Hiddenwave, Replikant, Marvel Cinema, Fishy, Dan Guidance, nClear, Eugenics Eight and Airtek, to more darker vibes by Dissident, Lo Contakt, Inertia, Deepflow, Regz, Tickler, Halo, Fushara and N3ptune. A must have LP for everyone that’s into the more atmospheric side of d&b!

SCI027 | Scientific Records