Urban Movements Podcast 06/2021

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – June 2021

Urban Movements Podcast 06/2021 tracklist:

Ewan Bristow – Raincoat
Cobo – Subby Doo
Surreal – To Me
Mystific – Morally Alive
Beterror & Warm Roller – Milkshake
MidKnight Moon – In The Groove
C-Phonics & ZD – Untitled Groove
Cybin – Outlines
SMP – Seventh Heaven (Silence Groove Remix)
Qua Rush – Serial Chiller
Ewan Bristow & Trn – What You Say
Jay Dubz – Can’t Even
Syncline – Mr. Everyday
Screamarts – Back In The Day

Urban Movements Podcast 05/2021

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – May 2021

Urban Movements Podcast 05/2021 tracklist:

SG – These Times
Calibre feat. Lariman – Peace Of Mind
Eveson – Cosmos
Klute – Don’t Wanna Be Alone
Ill Logic & Raf – The Republic
Need For Mirrors – My Girl
Zero T feat. Steo – Rising Sun
Young Ax – Midnight Sun (Calibre Remix)
Utah Jazz – Survival Of The Fittest
Tokyo Prose & Phil Tangent – Parity (Klute Remix)
Random Movement – The Student
Nether – True Believer (Marcus Intalex Dancehall Remix feat. Ras T-Weed)
Technicolour – The Unfolding Path

Urban Movements Podcast 04/2021

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – April 2021

Urban Movements Podcast 04/2021 tracklist:

Extrawelt – Ungerade
Calibre – Change With Me
Melody Gardot – It Gonna Come (FKJ Remix)
Yppah – Gumball Machine Weekend
Vanilla – Lights
Seba & Paradox – Swirl
Skeletone – Closer
Sevin – 1950
Clearlight & Owl – Bottom of the Deep
Charles Webster ft. Ingrid Chavez – The Spell (Burial Remix)
Max Cooper – Spike
Tom VR – Acheless

Urban Movements Podcast 03/2021

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – March 2021

Urban Movements Podcast 03/2021 tracklist:

Autumn Plains & Silence Groove – Orange Skies
Little Jinder – Without You (Seba Remix)
Random Movement & Ben Soundscape – Imperfections
Qbig & Zenith B – Midnight Jam
Naibu – Stand By
Marcus Intalex – Skizm
Lynx – Balloons
Eveson – Deeper Still
Electrosoul System – No One Knows
Edward Oberon – Paradise VIP
Duo Infernale – Another Dimension
DJ Zinc – 174 Trek
Dbridge – China Blue
Data & Dynamic feat. Kathy Brown – Compassion

Urban Movements Podcast 02/2021

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – February 2021

Urban Movements Podcast 02/2021 tracklist:

SG – Spring Deluge
Commix – EXP
Calibre – In Denial
D. Bridge – Not What You Want
Big Bud – Blue Velvet
Nookie – Get Down (P.B.K. ft. Miss Drop Remix)
ATP & Dave Owen – Way Back When
Calibre – All One Call
Mist:i:cal – Believe (ft. Robert Owens)
Beta 2 – The Edge
Break & Nico – All In
Malaky – Days Go By
Naibu – Along

Urban Movements Podcast 01/2021

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – January 2021

Urban Movements Podcast 01/2021 tracklist:

Syrte & Visions Of Glosters – Satellite Funk
Plant43 – Breaks the Surface
Univac – Station Cero
Kim Cosmik – Access Code
Client_03 – Protection Service Provider
Maelstrom – Lost Axis
Aquatronics – Hydrosaurus
Syrte – Obedience Paradox
Dez Williams – Layin Down
Versalife – Shape Shifter
Arctor – Sucker Born
Amadeezy – Money On My Mind
IXRQ – Time Travel
Luz1e – Surge
VC-118A – Plonk
Sound Synthesis – Love Drones

Airstrike & Silence Groove – Dav’s Hope

Offworld favourites ‘Airstrike’ & ‘Silence Groove’ team up for an epic atmospheric ep that is sure to delight.

Airstrike headed up our recent compilation Transmissions Vol 8 with the amazing ‘Radials’. He is busy producing new material and djing on Twitch with his new show. Silence Groove goes from strength to strength with a recent release on 31 records and another forthcoming 12 on Secret Ops.

‘Dav’s Hope’ is a classy refined take on drum and bass with a timeless feel while. ‘Disconnect’ takes crisp breaks, bass, delicate melodies and floating pads to another level.