Urban Movements Podcast 07/2020

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – July 2020

Urban Movements Podcast 07/2020 tracklist:

Seba ft. Robert Manos – Reflect
Silence Groove – Distant Howl
Alhox – Floating Waves
Maykors – Monochrome
Kusp – Unconditional
Speedwagon – Quarantine
CantStopKillingTime – Consciousness
Kusp – Tu Amour
Wanted ID – Bulletproof
Wanted ID – Up On High
Silence Groove – Late Night Breeze
Anthony Kasper – Diamond In The Rough
Wreckless and Necrobia – Armour
Rift – Silence (Phil Tangent Remix)

Urban Movements Podcast 06/2020

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – June 2020

Urban Movements Podcast 06/2020 tracklist:

Aux88 – Pothole Paradise
Aloka – XTX3
Datawave – Genotype 1
Galaxy Lane – Silver
Carl Finlow – Bind
StacEmp – Closer
Arsonist Recorder – React
crc – mechanical stress
Kosh – Damn Frogs
Alex Jann – Klep Klap
A2A – Yike!
Versalife – Aegis
Galaxy Lane – Deep Space Nine
London Modular Alliance – Regular Customer
Anthony Rother – Compute Me
Shinra – Propeller
051 Destroyer – Elohim (Lunar Orbiter Program Rework)
Galaxy Lane – Enter the light

Compass Radio 07 – Silence Groove


Ishome – Earth (Silence Groove Remix)
Silence Groove – Patterns
Silence Groove – Platform Four
Silence Groove – Enough ft. Anastasia
Silence Groove – Open Your Eyes
Silence Groove – Patterns
Silence Groove – Midnight Steps
Silence Groove – Corkscrew (Girls Love Wine)
Silence Groove – Sky Beams
Silence Groove – Innit Blud
Silence Groove – Seen
Silence Groove – Sour Sugar Daddy
Silence Groove – Stone Cold
Silence Groove – Distant Howl

Urban Movements Podcast 05/2020

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – May 2020


Urban Movements Podcast 05/2020 tracklist:

Joachim Spieth – Astral Plane
Joachim Spieth – Luciferin
Blazej Malinowski – Drifting
Boston 168 – Acid Morning
Etapp Kyle – Continuum
Arthur Robert – Kaleidoscope
Arthur Robert – Fragrant
Tauchen – Picoz
Ruffhouse & Clarity – Aphasia
Pessimist & Understate – The Mantra
Clarity – Wrong Floor
Commix – Fragile State
Loxy & Resound – Rain Man
SG – 330AM
Commix – Kosmos 2251 VIP

Silence Groove – Soul Deep Vs Smooth N Groove Artist Fundraiser Mix


Skeletone – Water Proof
SG – Digits
Commix – Black Sand
SG – Whispers
SG – Hollow
SG – Evergreen 2006
Anastasia x SG – Enough
SG – Corkscrew (Girls Love Wine)
Commix – Open Out
Airstrike x SG – Disconnect
SG – Distant Howl
Seba – Chebouraska
SG – Cold Stone
SG – Seen
Commix – Closer
Skeletone – Distance
Monika – Storm (SG Remix)
SG – Dreams of the Few

Urban Movements Podcast 04/2020

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – April 2020

Welcome to the concrete jungle.

Urban Movements Podcast 04/2020 tracklist:

Calibre – Version
Dylan & Ink – Need You (Calibre Remix)
SG – Big Boy Cutter
Carlito – So Liquid
Calibre – Things a Re-Arranging
Zero Tolerance x Beta 2 x Calibre – Layd Off
Calibre – Light Years
Roni Size – Want Your Body (Calibre Remix)
Total Science – Juicy Fruit (Calibre Remix Part 2)
Total Science – Ghetto Love
Commix – Undisco
Total Science – Give Me Your Love
Blue Skin – Singapore Sling
Calibre – Hard Times
Q-Project – Subliminal Aura

Soul Deep vs Smooth N Groove Artist Fundriser

Soul Deep vs Smooth N Groove is proud to present the full lineup for the second edition of the Artist Fundraiser Event Series. The first event was a great success, so we decided that another one was a must! We also have something BIG to celebrate‚Ķ Future Sounds Radio is turning 5 years old at the end of the month, so we’re also celebrating the birthday of the station. Congratulations Danielle Foster for transmitting 5 years of good vibes and positivity. So Save the date for next weekend, April 18-19th, as we’ll be streaming Deejay sets from some of your favorite artists.

Just like the last event, the proceeds from the money we raise will go to Deejays and producers that we’ve become aware of that have lost their jobs, or their livelihood, due to the cancellation of their tours and various gigs. The money we raised last time made the recipients so appreciative that tears were flowing. They were so impresses as to what the D&B community could pull off when we united together for the cause.

Please join us for a weekend full of amazing music and positivity. If you think you’ll be listening in with us, please hit the “Going” option on the Facebook Event Page. Looking forward to the Event! Until then, stay safe!

Donate: paypal.me/SoulDeepRecordings
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/669796080483177/
Tune In: http://futuresoundsradio.com/