Airstrike & Silence Groove – Dav’s Hope

Offworld favourites ‘Airstrike’ & ‘Silence Groove’ team up for an epic atmospheric ep that is sure to delight.

Airstrike headed up our recent compilation Transmissions Vol 8 with the amazing ‘Radials’. He is busy producing new material and djing on Twitch with his new show. Silence Groove goes from strength to strength with a recent release on 31 records and another forthcoming 12 on Secret Ops.

‘Dav’s Hope’ is a classy refined take on drum and bass with a timeless feel while. ‘Disconnect’ takes crisp breaks, bass, delicate melodies and floating pads to another level.

Urban Movements Podcast 12/2020

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – December 2020

Urban Movements Podcast 12/2020 tracklist:

Shanghai Restoration Project – Tactile Sonic Glide
Chaos In the CBD – Midnight in Peckham
Flaurese – Sake Of Lust
Photek – T’Raenon (Version)
214 – Lost Shovel
Martyn – Vancouver (2562’s Puur Natuur Dub)
9beats – Vacuum Attraction
Luigi Tozzi – Wastelands
Evod – Sorgente

Urban Movements Podcast 11/2020

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – November 2020

Urban Movements Podcast 11/2020 tracklist:

Machinedrum – Vizion
Bop – I’m Not A Human
Bungle – Turnaround
Mosaic – Hold Up
Seba – Keep Me Waiting
Anile – Vitalogy
Heron Flow – Sand Dunes
LM1 & Airstrike – Estus
Makoto & Seba – Deep Waters
Bungle – Unlocked
SG – Venture
Marcus Intalex – Red 7
Need For Mirrors – Curtains
Duo Infernale – Positive Vibes (Shivaxi Remix)

Urban Movements Podcast 10/2020

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – October 2020

Urban Movements Podcast 10/2020 tracklist:

Pig&Dan – Friday Freaks
Wardown – Ferric
Friske – Night Train
SG – Hours
Naibu – Heartgold
Technimatic & LSB – Rotary Motion (Calibre Remix)
SG – Flow Between Them
Ill Logic & Raf – Turnaround
Hobzee – Passing Me By
Wardown – Rapture
Wayward – Silver

Hidden Lies (Offworld081)

Offworld Transmissions Volume 8 – Various Artists (Offworld081)
Release date: October 12th 2020 worldwide at all good outlets.

Transmissions Volume 8 is a special long running series in Offworld Recordings.
We present to you fantastic cherry picked drum and bass from new and established artists from around the globe.

Urban Movements Podcast 09/2020

Urban Movements Podcast by Silence Groove – September 2020

Urban Movements Podcast 09/2020 tracklist:

Duane – Chromatic
Askel & Elere – Groke
Anile, Nuage, THRN – Don’t Exist (Anile Remix)
Seba – Cant Describe
Seba – External Reality
Marcus Intalex – Electrocution
Lomax – Resist
Instra:mental – No Future
DLR – Elsewhere
Data & K2 – Kyushojutsu
Commix – Autumn Rides